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Affordable, Quality Contact Lenses in Port Colborne

Contact lenses are medical devices that require proper fitting, instruction, and follow-up. When improperly fitted, they carry the risk of irritation, eye infection, and serious adverse effects.

When you purchase your contact lenses from us, we will recommend the best brands available for your individual needs and activities. We will ensure a proper fit and spend whatever amount of time is necessary to teach you how to use and care for them. We also provide follow-up care on a regular basis and make changes with new technology when necessary.

We Recommend Regular Checkups

Even if you have worn contacts for years, the fit of the contact lens and the health of the eye related to wearing the contact lens should be assessed. The curvature of your eye can actually change over time, and a lens that fit well a year or two ago may now be ill-fitting, yet comfortable to the wearer! A trained professional such as a registered optician can watch for this during a routine 10-minute checkup.

The risk of serious infection has been found to be five times higher in people who purchased their contact lenses online or without contact lens assessments and follow-up.

The College of Opticians, the College of Optometry, the Canadian Association of Optometrists, and the Ontario Association of Opticians all strongly caution against buying glasses and contacts online. Your eye health and vision are too important.

To assess your vision or to get fitted with quality frames or contact lenses, please call us or visit us for an appointment.

Contact Lenses Brands

We carry top-quality contact lenses from:

bausch & lomb


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